The Beauty Products Italian "It" Girls Swear By

French girls get all the beauty street cred. They roll out of bed, spray some Klorane dry shampoo in their hair, then simply scrunch it for a moment with their fingers — how effortless, we all gush. They cleanse their skin with micellar water instead of sink water and we all run out to buy Bioderma. They swipe on red lipstick, then tissue it all off — "diffused makeup is chic," we declare.
But... isn't there something to be said for trying? For asking for a voluminous blowout, following an intensive skin routine, and applying lipstick with ultra-precision? Italian girls think so, and since we've tapped the French beauty secret well dry, we asked three of Italy's coolest influencers to share their top products.
Ahead, the perfect lipstick, the best anti-acne mask, the do-it-all wonder, and more...

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