Downtown Bar Denies Entrance To People Wearing Fur. Fair Or Hairy Situation?

The topic of fur is a veritable a-bomb in any conversation about fashion. Some argue that even faux fur perpetuates the brutal trend, and should therefore be frowned upon, while others stick to fur trims and vintage pelts as a means of trying to circumnavigate the cruelty. But downtown, vegetarian bar owner, Johnny Barounis is doing more than just frowning upon fur enthusiasts— he's denying them entrance to his local hotspots— and the whole staff is involved. Outside of his L.E.S speakeasy, Back Room, bouncers give you an up/down more intense than the usual glances to keep out those wearing cargo pants and sneakers. If you're rocking fur, they tell you (or at least your coat) that you're not allowed in. Some patrons support the rigidity of Barounis' policy, while others find it discriminatory, or, as one lady who called the cops tried to prove, even downright illegal. What do you think? Would you stash your coat for a night on the town or is this rule over the top? As always, tell us in the comments below. (Gothamist)

Photo: Via Gothamist