Check Out The New Breakfast Of Chic Champions (It Involves Shopping!)

Whether or not you consider yourself a morning person, we suggest you set your alarms for the event that's sure to revive your weekend routine.
Starting next Saturday, ISA Boutique will be throwing a weekly breakfast bash complete with morning-appropriate mixed drinks, braiding stations courtesy of Blo, and much-deserved manicures. And, as if the promise of delicious drinks and makeovers wasn't enough to stop you from hitting snooze, the shop's first installment will be hosted by local legend Lorie Lester, who will be on hand to answer any of you burning style questions.
So, sacrifice some Zzzs (we never said you couldn't take a cat-nap post party!) and book it to what will be the chicest breakfast this summer. Totally beats your cereal and milk pairing!

When: Saturdays, Starting June 30, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where: ISA Boutique, 3400 North Miami Avenue (at Northwest 34th Street): 786-558-8027.

Photo: Via: ISA Boutique