Is This The Most Feared Woman In Chinatown?

Judging by her sunny picture, you wouldn't expect lawyer Heather McDonald to be one of the most feared women in Chinatown and the Garment District. Counterfeit vendors, who hawk everything from fake Louis Vuitton bags to imitation Cartier Love bracelets, might disagree. For 25 years, the intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting attorney has been busting the fake designer selling scene, orchestrating police raids from unmarked vans into rooms where, according to WWD, "she makes her sweep, 'bagging and tagging,' taking photos and methodically documenting everything." Indeed, she's so reviled, she has a moniker, "Blonde Lady," while posters would display her picture all over Canal Street, including one that charmingly reads "Watch out for her. She take your stuff." So, next time you're considering parting with $80 for a passable Rolex, look over your shoulders for that shock of golden hair. She may look like "a Midwestern tourist," but she's not exactly shopping.

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