It's Time To Get All Patched Up (& Have Fun Doing It)

Photo: Courtesy of GCDS.
Remember how much fun it was to get patches as a kid? If you were a Girl Scout, you probably have some fond memories of earning them one-by-one. But as you got older, if you stumbled upon a cute patch at an event, you probably never took the time to actually iron or sew it on to a jacket. The good news, though, is that brands are now doing all the work for you, churning out amazing, patched-up pieces that are ready-to-wear and loaded with personality.
Not only are the items ahead major statement-makers that will give any casual outfit a bit of punch, but they're quite the conversation starters. Seriously — wear one out, and you'll likely be stopped by friends (and strangers) who want to get a closer look at each and every one. And while these new patchwork pieces feel anything but childish, they're still fun as hell to wear. Click on for our picks.

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