This iPhone Trick Will Change How You Fall Asleep

Photo: Courtesy Apple.
We love dozing off to the super mellow vibes of Washed Out, except when the playlist inevitably switches to Charlie XCX at 3 a.m. and we wake up confused at the sudden dance party. If you like falling asleep to music, there’s a sneaky iPhone trick to ensure you don't get rudely awakened by your college workout playlist. Set your iPhone to playing whatever music it is you’d like to fall asleep to. Then, go into the Clock app and tap Timer. Tap over to where it says “When Timer Ends,” which lists a variety of tunes that can play when the alarm goes off. Flick down to the very bottom and select “Stop Playing.” Now, you can set a timer for how long you want your tunes to play. When the timer finishes, the music will stop, and you can finish your REM cycles in silence. This trick should work whether you're playing music from your iPhone's Music app or a streaming service like Spotify (although if you're not running the latest version of iOS, it's possible the feature won't work with third-party players). You will have to remember though: If in the future you set a timer and want an alarm to ring at the end, you'll need to go back and change this setting back to a ringtone. A silent alarm works well when you're sleeping, but not so much when you need to get a pizza out of the oven.

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