A Hallowmeme Fete Brings Out All The Familar WWW "Famouses"

It's here! It's here! Halloweekend is here. And despite the cold, we're ready to break out the tights, the wings, and the wigs. We thought we did a pretty good job rounding up some costume inspiration, though, admittedly, there were a few we left out. But (like all good things) they're available on the internet.... in fact, they were only available on the internet until this week. Wednesday night, Buzzfeed's third annual Hallowmeme party at the Bowery Electric brought out a bunch of familiar (but fictional) faces that live in the magical land of the www. And while we may not have known that women laughing alone with salad was such a recognizable phenomenon, we're impressed by the accuracy and variety of the memes that showed up to get down. So, click through to check out your favorite internet stars, because this time, next year, it's bound to be a whole new cast of characters (sorry, Rebecca Black). (Buzzfeed)

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