3 DIY Halloween Hairstyles You've Got To Try Now!

When it comes to disguising yourself for All Hallows' Eve in Tinseltown, there's simply no messing around — we take the holiday more seriously than most, thank you very much. But, we can commiserate when trying to give Heidi Klum a run for her money seems daunting. To prevent you from getting spooked, we hit one store, spent no more than $25 per look, and got a little help from our celeb-stylist pal Gareth Bromell's magic wand (he seriously has a sixth sense) and makeup wiz Kristee Liu. The result? We've got three insanely cool (and easy-to-copy!) Halloween hair looks on lockdown.
From Frida Kahlo and Karl Lagerfeld to Mary from Downton Abbey, we've got 2012's most inspiring looks covered. Watch and learn as a trio of R29 staffers morph from their regular rigamarole to three uncanny characters with coiffs to match. Just be sure to keep your head in check if you're apple-bobbing over-imbibing!
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The Character: Downton Abbey's Lady Mary Crawley
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Step 1: Tie hair in a low ponytail and shellac it with enough hair spray to ensure that flyaways won't pop out as the night progresses.
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Step 2: Secure the ponytail in a small, tight bun with as many bobby pins necessary.
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Step 3: Gently place the wig on the forehead and enclose the faux hair all the way back to the nape of the neck. You should secure the hairpiece to your real tresses with strategically placed bobby pins throughout the head. Remember, this is Lady Mary, not Kim Z. from the Real Housewives of Atlanta!
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Step 4: Part the wig at the hairline, and twist one side low behind the ear, back to the nape of the neck.
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Step 5: Secure a twisted shape with more bobby pins, then do another serious spray. (Bromell prefers L'Oréal's Elnett Satin Hairspray, Extra Strong Hold).
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Step 6: Repeat the same steps on the other side to finish the beautifully elegant upside-down plait!
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Step 7: Tuck any extra-sneaky strands into the wig, and get that sticky mist in the mix yet again!
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R29 L.A. Editor Brenna Egan Lady Mary's raven rug was purchased for $19.99 at Hollywood Toys & Costumes and we know you don't need advice on where to buy bobbies and hair ties! We slipped into a vintage velvet dress and period jewels by Nola Singer, but the one thing we thought it could've used were some long leather gloves to complete the look.
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Mary, Mary, quite contrary! Now, all she needs is her dashing Matthew ...
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The Character: Karl Lagerfeld
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Step 1: To properly prep the hair, blow dry it as smooth and stick straight as possible.
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Step 2: Take a comb and tease the hair from the hairline to crown. Go crazy on this step — the more tangled, the better!
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Step 3: Spray down your faux-hawk like it's going out of style!
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Step 4: To tame the teased hair, use a Mason Pearson brush to create a sky-high quiff.
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Step 5: Bring the remaining mane into a low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.
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Step 6: Polish the look and flatten all frizzies with the trusty L'Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray, Extra Strong Hold.
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Step 7: Roll the ponytail up and under the hair tie to create shape.
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Step 8: Place a hair net over the entire ponytail. These can be bought at any local beauty supply store (we love La Peer Beauty), and are great to hold chignons in place.
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Step 9: Elongate the hairnet so that it catches every last strand, and be sure it's set exactly as you'd like it to prepare for the next step — there's no turning back after the following one!
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Step 10: Spray hair with one can of Jerome Russell Field Line White temporary hairspray. Once you're finished with that color, we found we needed a little of the brand's Silver/Gray hue for a spritz of authenticity.

Be sure to wear something you could care less about (which is blasphemous to our character, sorry Karl!). Oh, and don't forget to put the remainder of The New York Times that you didn't get to (for us, sadly, everything but the Sunday Styles section!) on the floor below.
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Doesn't Los Angeles Editorial Assistant Sarah St. Lifer look quite intimidating and chic as the Kaiser? Although, she could use little Choupette for some inspiration, non? We suggest you find a fuzzy, stuffed-feline friend to tote around with you all night for even more of a conversation starter (not that you'll need it)!
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St. Lifer wore her own Persol sunnies, a Just Cavalli button-down, a Rebecca Taylor blazer, and vintage brooch. The pout she was born with.
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The Character: Frida Kahlo de Rivera
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Step 1: Thoroughly blow dry to prep and smooth hair.
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Step 2: Part tresses from the center hairline to nape, and position a ponytail behind the ear with a hair tie.
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Step 3: Braid the hair as tightly as you can without disturbing the rest of the slicked-back head! Do the same on the other side.
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Step 4: With the Jerome Russell Block 'Em Black temporary spray we used, a trip outdoors was mandatory. Bromell placed a garbage bag over our intern Jessica Willison's pretty creme sweater to avoid a dry-cleaning disaster.
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Step 5: Create shape by bringing both braids across the crown of the head.
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Step 6: Bromell probably used 30 bobby pins to secure this serious head of hair in plait-place! Be sure to stock up first for this look in particular.
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Step 7: Add an extra hair braid (Bromell recommends Brit-brand Hershesons) with craft-store-bought flowers hot glued in ahead of time. We particularly love Michael's in Santa Monica's floral section.
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Step 8: Time to go bonkers with more bobby pins! Willison's hair took 30 minutes to deconstruct, so if you're planning on a wild night, you may as well sleep in character ...
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A true work of art! We found this dress while thrifting, put a petticoat beneath for a fun ounce of flounce, and the earrings were bought on the Venice Boardwalk. We only have one request: If you're going to rock this look, please don't be too vain to include the uni-brow! It really completes the whole transformation, and of any day of the year, you have to go balls-to-the-wall or bust!
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Even though Mr. Bromell of the prestigious BH Neil George Salon has done the 'dos for the runways of Burberry, Dries van Noten, and, yes, even McQueen, he pinky swears these looks are totally doable for all of you at home. What do you think our main-squeeze stylist should be for Halloween to complete our crew? We think he'd make a mean Matthew Crawley ... just sayin'!

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