The Coolest Brow Trends From Around The World

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
When it comes to function, brows are a very practical part of the face, helping to keep sweat, oil, and debris out of our eyes. But despite their intended purpose, brows have become much more than a sweat visor. They're the key feature that we tweeze and tint, shape and style, all in an attempt to have seemingly perfect arches.
Brow trends have changed so much over the years that singular looks have come to define entire decades. The skinny brows of the '20s and '90s, or the bushy ones of the '80s and '10s, may come to mind. As we approach the 2020's, however, they may be harder to pinpoint, especially since with the advent of social media. Now, trends come and go faster than Kylie Jenner's revolving door of hair colors.
In an attempt to decipher the global brow trends of 2018 and beyond, we reached out to makeup artists from nine different countries to find out how women all over the world are grooming their brows. Check out the looks we found, ahead.

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