11 Things Single Girls Do On Instagram

You whip out your phone and snap a selfie. Of course, you're not just going to keep it on your phone — you're going to share it. If it's any good, you're probably going to share it on Instagram. And if you're single, that good-looking selfie is definitely going on the 'gram.

Yep, being single on Instagram has its own unique code and culture. There are habits many of us end up falling into, whether we realize it or not.

Don't believe us? Check out these 11 single-girl Instagram habits. We bet you'll identify with a few.

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'Gramming every event you go to — not as a humblebrag, but as a personal reminder of how awesome you are.

And if dozens of adoring fans also happen to be in the photo, all the better.
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Cat pictures.

Taylor Swift knows what we're talking about.
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'Gramming all the meals you cook on your own.

Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart.
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Putting your Instagram handle in your dating profile so matches can check it out.

Your feed says so much about who you are.
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Judging dates based on their Instagram feeds (and being angry if the account is private).

Sorry, there's more to you than just your dating profile, George.
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Wine. Lots of photos of wine.

Why yes, Cabernet Franc does pair well with macaroni and cheese!
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Sharing inspirational quotes — but only ones that focus on how good your life is.

R.M. Drake and other contemporary poets — perfect.
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Photo: Courtesy @gwynethpaltrow/Instagram.
Worrying whether you've shared an appropriate or a narcissistic number of selfies.

Is there a golden selfie ratio?
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And then deciding to have no shame in your selfie game.

Doesn't matter, the world needs to know how fantastic you look today.
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Photo: Courtesy @zacefron/Instagram.
Stalking your ex's recently tagged photos and likes.

Although if he posts as many selfies as you do, it's largely moot.
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Sending self-deprecating "single life" photos to your inner circle via DM.

But thankfully, even these achievements are worth celebrating with wine.

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