Want To Know When Someone Unfollows You? Download These Apps

Photographed by Michael Beckert.
Unfollowing someone on Instagram is the social media equivalent of giving them the cold shoulder. It can be subtle, even unnoticeable at first, until that person realizes you're no longer Liking their content.
Though Instagram notifies you about new followers, it keeps the reverse — someone’s decision to unfollow you — a mystery. But if you do want to know when you lose a follower, there are apps that can keep you up to date. (Even though follower counts aren't what they used to be.)
Ahead, our take on some of the most popular ones. Just think carefully before you download any of them. Though some reasons behind unfollows are harmless (don't we all have that overly active friend from high school with whom we never actually talk?), others, especially those following a breakup, can hit closer to the heart.

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