In Case You Didn’t Know, Lady Gaga’s Sister Is Hot

We're not exactly breaking news, but it was news to this editor that Lady Gaga had a sister—for some reason we thought she hatched from an egg. Anyways, we feel compelled to tell all the other poor unfortunate souls ignorant of Gaga's family tree that yes, she does indeed have a sister, and said sis is—in our opinion—hot. Alexis Bittar's in-the- know publicists alerted us to Mama Monster's sibling, 19-year-old Natali Germanotta—indeed, they bejeweled her for the CDFAs on Monday with a liquid gold collar and gold metallic spiked earrings from the fall '11 "Miss Havisham" line. We also like the fact that she's not wearing a spiked crotch bodysuit.

Photo via Alexis Bittar/Clint Spaulding/Patrick Mcmullan