I’m with the Band: Moth Love Headbands

Paging Arden WohlAfter spying every It girl and her publicist wearing a headband at Fashion Week, we can safely say that Moth Love, a line of Alice bands from Portland-based designer Gretchen Jones, will soon be crowning many a hipster head. In another Lewis Carroll-esque twist, each band is inspired by a different caterpillar, from the striped snakeskin Tobacco Hornworm Headband to the jade green plumage of the Banded Sphinx. Members of Team Mother Nature take note: The bands are made by hand using sustainable leather scraps and hand-plucked pheasant feathers. Now, will someone please forward this to Arden?

Available at www.starsandinfinitedarkness.com. For more information go to www.mothlove.com.