Hot New NYC Hookup Spot? ...IKEA!

And... we're not talking about meeting other domestically inclined cute singletons between the aisles either (we actually wish we were.) No, it seems the oversized, high-design deck furniture outside Red Hook's IKEA store has become a favorite hookup spot for local teens — and by "hookup" we mean hookup! "It's condom central. The lawn chairs are a bordello," says an anonymous member of a locally based not-for-profit who may or may not understand the meaning of the word "bordello." Yeah, ick, right? But, honestly, can you blame these horny kids? Local teens have noted the beautiful light displays and waterside views as obvious aphrodisiacs, and doing the nasty in those lawn chairs must equal, like, 1,000 novelty points. Still, we hope for safety's sake that the teens curb their new craze... and leave the outdoor boinking to the adults. (DNAinfo via Gawker)
Photo: Via DNAinfo.

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