An Editor Cracks The Fashion Week Code

So, yeah, when you're an editor-in-chief of any title at any Fashion Week, folks might pretend not to look at you. They might pretend to play it cool and stare off into the distance or check their iPhones. Reality is, though, they're scoping you out from head to toe. It's just part of the job.
Someone who's had to learn that lesson — and fast — is the young, spritely editor of BULLETT, Idil Tabanca. At only 28, she may be the unconventional leader of a very unconventional title, but nonetheless, her gig takes her to the front row of major fashion weeks, including Milan, where eyes (and cameras) are on editors.
This might be daunting to most folks Tabanca's age, but this editor has cracked the code. She's found the perfect way to balance her colorful, crazy-quilt style with the right accessories, specific strategies for each show she attends, and ample helpings of Emporio Armani. Read carefully, kids, because even if you're not jetting off to Italy, there are lessons to be learned here — particularly if you want to bring a little something playful to your professional wardrobe.

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