I Love My…. Star Wars Necklace


Véronique Hyland is the Associate Features Editor of Harper's BAZAAR. She has also contributed to W and The New Yorker. Return of the Jedi is her favorite of the original trilogy.

"Having a predominantly male group of friends is pretty great, especially since you can eat your weight in wings and they don't really care. The only downside is that they mercilessly mock my more 'directional' looks. A Veruschka-inspired safari shift is greeted with a smug "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" When I sported an aqua maxidress at a party this summer, I was told I looked "like a tube of toothpaste" and greeted with a jeering version of the Fanta theme song. But for the past several years, the real locus of the teasing has been this Tuleste Market necklace, which I purchased from the designers, Celeste and Satu Greenberg, at a sample sale in their apartment. I was instantly drawn to its Tron-like, futuristic quality, which I desperately need to offset my "Little House on the Prairie" mien. (The freckles! The pallor! The goofy gapped grin!)

"However, when I debuted this gem at the bar, thinking very well of myself, my bros asked how an errant piece of Darth Vader's spacecraft got strapped to my clavicle. The joshing about "the necklace" has not
ceased - they refer to it as, alternately, "The Millenium Falcon" and "The Death Star." Since it seems a little late to get new friends, I'll keep wearing my beloved bauble. It dresses up a gray sweatshirt or a white T nicely, and hey, at least other girls think it's cool."

Photographed by Bonnie Beth Burke

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