“I Die” for Halloween: Dressing Up as Rachel Zoe for the Holiday

rz1017Many of us in the office have been obsessed with the Rachel Zoe Project since it's debut this season, so we're very well aware that few things in this world are more spooky than the pint-sized stylist. She is a darling mixture of enchanted fairy, wicked witch, and skeleton afterall. Love/hate her as we do, we were blown away by the sheer brilliance of this HuffPo article on how to dress like Zoe for Halloween. Amoung the suggestions are the trademark oversized sunglasses, costume jewelery, faux-fur, and kohl eyeliner—an inexpensive costume that will run you only $90 bucks or so. Considering that Ms. Zoe seems to have credit-card issues every time she racks up another $20K shopping bill, perhaps she could take some tips from this inexpensive "how-to" list. (Huffington Post)