Hustle and Flow: Trasteverine’s S/S ’09 Lookbook

Don't you just love it when a designer essentially gives you the green light to hit up Krispy Kreme on the way home? After all, the billowing swathes of fabric and dramatic, but rarely form-fitting, silhouettes of Trasteverine's spring/summer '09 collection are nothing if not forgiving. From a fluid, bat-wing style cape to a gauzy blouse with a sheer, tissue-thin train, the pieces strike a fine balance between the heavy and the light. Sharp cuts and sculptural flourishes still appear weightless, and a typically somber palette of black and gray takes on a delicate airiness. Need something to tie this pretty package together? Accessorize with one of the label's Escher-esque black and white woodblock-print scarves, which they suggest hanging on the wall as art when it's not around your neck.
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