Me vs. Hungover Me, In GIFs

This post was originally published on April 24, 2015. Much like being hangry, being hungover can make us act, well, you know the feeling. When you dare to venture out into the world while battling a pounding headache and a deep, unsettling feeling of nausea, you most likely wind up stumbling around the streets, avoiding the sun with an oversized pair of shades, and occasionally falling asleep anywhere and anytime you can. Regardless of how many times your friends have made fun of you, we've all been there. Hangovers are a total drag, but they do make for great stories — and, in some cases, great GIFs. If nothing else, at least you know many a puppy can relate. Waking Up Normal Vs. Waking Up Hungover
Nope, not happening. Walking Normal Vs. Walking Hungover
Everyone eats takeout on the floor, right? Riding The Subway Normal Vs. Riding The Subway Hungover
Why are there so many people in the way?

Meeting Friends Normal Vs. Meeting Friends Hungover
You deserve a reward for getting out of the house, after all. Seeing A Puppy Normal Vs. Seeing A Puppy Hungover
So cute, but so tired...

Seeing Food Normal Vs. Seeing Food Hungover
Gonna stick with water here...

Being Productive Normal Vs. Being "Productive" Hungover
Well, you tried. But, at the end of the day, you have this to look forward to...