Yes, You Can Make These Summer Trends Work For The Office

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
The clock is ticking down the minutes until Labor Day, but we plan on milking summertime for all it's worth. That means we're doubling down on our seasonal trends, seizing any and every opportunity to try new things, and, whenever appropriate, exposing our limbs to soak up some Vitamin D. This becomes a little trickier in the workplace, where the dress code isn't quite as gung-ho about cutout maxi dresses as you are.

However, work takes up eight (or, you know, 11) precious daily hours, five days per week, in which we could be dabbling in frayed hems or bringing the pinafore back un-ironically. And we plan on using every last ray of sunshine as an opportunity to don our favorite trends before we have to hide them under coats and layers. So, we plucked five of our favorite summer pieces and put them to, well, work. Here's hoping that summer never ends — at least as far as our 9-to-5 wardrobe goes.

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