6 Fresh Takes On Spring's Biggest Trends

Photographed by Nyra Lang.
Just like there are two sides to every story, there are two (well, more like infinite) takes on every trend. Consider flatforms: The style extrovert's version will attract street style snaps (and maybe a few confused stares) while the minimalist will play it safe with neutrals. But, whether you dress to peacock or fly under the radar, you can take on any trend in a way that's unique to you — it's all about how you work it. 

To make our case, we're challenging two style opposites — R29 photo director Sara McDowell, a vintage aficionado, and R29 associate producer Candace Sautman, a sporty sneakerhead — to show us how they're wearing fashion's biggest hits this spring. Ahead, they put their own unexpected spins on the florals, ginghams, and rompers from DVF that are going to be dominating everyone's wardrobes this season. Click through for their everyday styling tips and to see which looks speak to you. As for us, we won't be picking sides (they do happen to know where we sit...).

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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
Bold Florals For The Office

"I'm the photo director here; some days I bounce between working in the office, attending photo shoots, and going to meetings with clients. For me, it's all about feeling like myself while projecting confidence and professionalism. That means dressing so I'm comfortable but also so I feel like I have authority."

Candace: "I'm a project manager and producer working on sold/ad content, managing others and keeping things on track. My look is always — both in and out of the office — sporty, comfortable, and simple, with dashes of sophistication. I may pop on a heel from time to time, though, honestly, I am hardly ever without my sneakers, even at the office. And, obviously, I tone down my style a bit Monday through Friday: No booty shorts in the workplace!"
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
Candace's Style Move: Ground a super-bold floral jacket with neutral and sporty pieces.

"I don't do bold prints too often in my wardrobe, but when I do, it's usually as my big statement piece. I like to keep the rest of my outfit relatively simple. With a coat this bold, the rest of your outfit doesn't have to be too styled out for you to have a great look, and the combo of all black and ripped-up jeans really helps ground it.

"Also, I love pairing casual with luxe for everyday — like an awesome silk top or dress with a sneaker. The sneakers help keep the look aspirational but not so overdone. Plus, I love sneakers."
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
Sara's Style Move: Go all out with mixed prints.

"I have some loud outfits that I'll bring out every now and then — like an amazing, bold, orange-patterned retro jumpsuit, which definitely shows part of my personality when I don't want to take myself too seriously. I think the key with a statement piece like that is to really embrace it — just own it. Wear head-to-toe orange, or mix patterns.

"When mixing prints, really think about proportions and cut. For this outfit, the graphic top works because it's a little cropped, so the pink floral skirt can serve as the hero piece and you don't have the two prints competing. The color tie-in also helps, picking the black and white from the skirt and incorporating that into the top. But, it's all about how you carry your wilder ensembles."
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
Gingham For A Night Out

"When I go out at night, I'll usually grab drinks, catch a show or concert, and dance the rest of the night away, meeting some new friends along the way. While wherever I'm going can dictate how I dress, my style is very much mood-based, so whatever I'm feeling is what I rock with."

Sara: "I plan so much in my regular life that I'm not a big planner in my personal life. I'm really fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants; whatever comes up I'm usually down for it. It allows space for spontaneity and excitement in my life. It's also a style thing: You want to dress to be anywhere."
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
Sara's Style Move: Give the sweet pattern some attitude with sharp, tailored pants.

"I love these pants — I know they're going to be a staple in my wardrobe. They're great for going out because they don't feel overly prissy to me. My style isn't super feminine, so I like the fact that I can dress these pants up with a heel for a special occasion, but I can also pair them with a rock-'n'-roll vintage T-shirt for everyday wear."
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
Candace's Style Move: Try a sheer take on the pattern for a sexier, nighttime vibe.

"Whatever I wear during the day, I'm usually comfortable with wearing out at night. This top is simple enough to be transitioned for a night out: Just throw on a heel, some lipstick, and go. Black and white can never do wrong. It looks great with all colors and can easily work for a number of different occasions."
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
Rompers For The Weekend

"On the weekends, I'm always running late for plans, because I just want to sleep in. So, a one-piece or romper makes my life much simpler. Just throw it on, and bam, you have your look. Plus, I like to take it easy on the weekends — binge-watch my favorite shows I missed during the week!"

Sara: "I like to feel just as good about my outfits on the weekends as I do during the week, but my tomboy side comes out more. I love an adventure — from walking around the city epically to going to a music venue that I've never been to. Mostly, on the weekend, I love just hanging out with friends. It's less about what I do than who I'm with, having good conversations and being inspired by friends' passion projects."
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
Candace's Style Move: Add a punk twist to a basic black romper with funky socks and sandals.

"Figuring out what to wear can be taxing. I like to exhaust as little energy as possible when trying to find an outfit. So, I usually resort to wearing all one color. All white, all denim, all gray, or all black lets me save those creative juices for work, and when combined with a one-piece, like here, it's the ultimate lazy-girl solution.

"I love adding a funky sock with sneakers or sandals to spruce up a monochrome look. Plus, there are so many different socks out there — mesh, color-blocked, bright, knee-high — that the options are limitless. These mesh ones combined with these tough sandals with all the hardware give this simple romper some edge."
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
Sara's Style Move: Slip on sneaks with a dressy onesie to take it down a notch.

"I like rompers, and I like the idea of having something that's more feminine with sneakers — that's totally my style. If I wear a work style on the weekend, I definitely pair it with some sneakers so I can bounce around the city. The print and color in this romper make it both playful and a little more dressed up, so it could work in either setting, though for work I would pair it with wedges."

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