This Is Our Favorite New Selfie Trend

Do you ever find yourself in a dressing room and snapping a pic to send to your BFF when something you're trying on looks amazing? Well, next time you do, we suggest uploading said photo to Instagram. While we're no stranger to the mirror selfie (yes, even in bathrooms), we're starting to notice more and more of our favorite fashion Insta-girls snapping adorable #OOTDs in the dressing room. And, we have a few ideas why this particular shot is becoming so popular.
First of all, in a changing room, you can be whoever you want (and wear whatever you want): Even if you can't actually afford whatever it is you're trying on, for that very moment, you can live out your ultimate #OutfitGoals (no one has to know whether you leave the piece behind a few minutes later!). You're behind closed doors (or curtains), so you've got all the privacy in the world to take as many snaps as you need to get that perfect picture, and most dressing rooms have solid-colored surroundings, or even luxe decor, that makes the image really pop. Plus, you don't have to worry about a photographer messing up the angle or telling you how to pose: It's just you, the mirror, and your trusty iPhone.
So, next time you're trying on your dream look, don't hesitate to smile for the camera and capture the moment forever. Click on to see how some of the pros do it.

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