How To Wear Last Year’s Trends The Updated Way

We’ve been here before — our eyes fall on that must-have, on-trend piece for the first time. The "need" for said shoe/bag/dress is so potent that we think, Hey, love at first sight just might exist in this crazy, crazy world of ours. Falling swiftly and quickly for a trend isn't so unlike falling swiftly and quickly for a person. (Right?)
But then a year or two passes and we don't feel as strongly for those trends anymore — the honeymoon phase is officially over. But we’re true believers in trying to make it work. So before saying good-bye to your once-beloved for something shiny, new, and even more on-trend, we ask you to consult the slideshow ahead. We give you four marvelous ways to take the trends from 2014 that you’re still emotionally attached to and repurpose them to feel oh-so 2015.
Click through to feel the love again.

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