How To Style What You Got For Christmas

Between getting dressed up for parties and shopping for the perfect presents, the holidays are essentially fashion-lovers' time to shine. But — if we're being completely honest — after the long-awaited morning of exchanging and unwrapping gifts, Christmas can leave you feeling like you've ended up with a pile of items you have absolutely no idea how to wear, rather than like you've hit the style jackpot.
The sweater your aunt gave you, the socks from your Secret Santa, and that grown-up robe you received all seemed nice in theory, but these "okay" gifts tend to end up collecting dust in your pajama drawer, instead of becoming the new wardrobe essentials they should be. Rather than ignoring the gifts you don't know what to do with, read on for styling tips and tricks that will help you get full use out of all the clothing-related presents you received. Just think: With the right pairings, you can be genuinely excited and grateful for every single box you open this year. And really, what's a better gift than that?

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