The Ultimate Celebrity Outfit Starter Kit

The reason celebrities are always so well dressed can be summed up in one word: stylists. While it's true that regular, non-famouses can be just as (and oftentimes, much more) stylish than superstars, famous people have the added edge by having people who are literally paid to make sure they look perennially chic. Imagine what kinds of outfits you'd rock if there was someone at your side who did research for inspiration, combed through all the clothing options available, tailored every finds, and spent time combining all those pieces in interesting ways.
Just because we don’t have stylists on our payroll doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of their skills. If you’ve always wanted to take a page from your favorite star’s style book but didn’t know where to begin, or if you just want to steal stylist secrets without actually hiring one, then we’ve got the ultimate outfit starter kit for you.
Ahead, check out our breakdowns of the go-to looks of five famous ladies, and take a look at what you can buy for yourself to get started on your road to fashion fame.

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