Beauty Tips And Shopping Musts From Honey In The Rough (Plus 20% Off!)

Over the years, we've fallen in love with a few select spots that we can't get enough of. Some are more known worldwide like NARS, Madewell, and Shake Shack, but some are better-kept secrets like boutique darling Honey In The Rough. Luckily, this Lower East Side go-to just happens to be launching e-commerce in time for holiday shopping so we can browse the well-curated inventory without lifting a snow-booted foot. We caught up with beauty guru, style maven, and shop-owner, Ashley Hanosh to get the inside scoop on her burgeoning spot as it celebrates 5 years in the biz. Plus, for a limited time, Refinery readers can enjoy 20% — and we think that's sweeter than honey!

Check out our exclusive interview with the always adorable Ashley to find out her favorite products, skin care regimens, and a little gushy love for Rihanna!


What are your cold-weather beauty tips? Any specific product recommendations?

"In the winter NYC is often cloudy and we dont see as much sun as we do the rest of the year. Our skin tone lightens but that doesnt always mean it brightens! Sometimes, with the lack of sun, we tend to look sallow. The Adams family is not the look most of us are going for! You want to combat that with three simple tips:

1.Red Lips: "Red lips, whether in a bold matte lipstick, a gloss or a subtle stain, help to bring out the pink in your cheeks naturally — it enables you to wear less make up (us New Yorkers are often subtle in style but also pressed for time) but still look sharp and put-together. I love this new product I sell called ILIA Pure Lip Care — it's a tinted lip balm in the form of a stick. It is all-natural, has buildable color, and can be cocktailed with other products — I love to put my pink color over a red stain for the perfect mix."
 2. Cream Blush: "Skin tends to be a bit dryer in the cold weather, so you need something that works with the skin and not against it. Cream blush is the perfect trick! It's often moisturizing, it absorbs into the skin leaving the cheek area with a pop of color, and best of all, the subtle effect it produces often looks like it's coming from within the skin, and not sitting on top of it skin looking dry, powdery, or artificial. I love Laura Mercier Cream Blush in Blaze or Canyon."
3. A Subtle Bronzer: "This product is a must to kick that sallow skin up a notch. You don't want to take it to the other extreme and look like Snooki, but a sheer powder bronzer does just the trick. I really love Chantecaille Compact Soleil — there are three colors, so you can be sure not to overkill in the bronzing department. My tip is to concentrate on the raised areas of your face, the places where the sun would naturally touch the skin first. The forehead, the nose, the cheekbones and chin, but dont forget the neck! Even in the summer, the sun often misses the neck...blending is our friend!"
4. Exfoliate: "The trick to having moisturizer absorb is to exfoliate once a week. This removes any dead surface skin cells revealing a fresh layer of skin that is ready to not only absorb but also to shine and glow and look beautiful. My trick is the Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant Mask, it is seriously a facial in a jar! This product isn't just a scrub — it's a purifying mask that acts like a vacuum, cleaning out the pores; it has pineapple extract so it soothes; and, last but not least, it helps to brighten the skin! I use this product once a week for 30 min when I'm catching up on gossip blogs, and after I use it, my skin is good to go for the next week!"
5. Eye Cream: "The eyes are the driest area of the face and also the most delicate. You need to use something super-rich to fight the dryness...nobody likes concealer caking up in fine lines. We sell a product by Natura Bisse the infamous skincare line out of Barcelona, called 'The Cure Sheer Eye.' It's packed with moisture and vitamins, it's super-duper lightweight, and it has color match technology sheer tint to tone down dark circles and reduces puffiness and the look of fine lines!"

6. Brow Grooming: "These are most important feature on your face! Here at Honey In The Rough, eyebrows are everything. Rosie Rodriguez, our in-house brow sculptor, uses just her eye and a set of tweezers to sculpt the perfect brow. A brow can really frame an eye, bringing out its unique shape. And the right sculpt can really open up the eye allowing the it to pop and look larger, without adding more makeup...which tends to make the eyes look darker and in turn smaller."

FYI, Rosie is happy to extend the 20% off promo to eyebrow appointments.

Photo: Courtesy of Honey In The Rough

Please tell us about the launch of your new e-commerce shop — we're so pumped! "Ive never been SO excited about something! This transformation of my new website/online shop was like opening an entirely new store! This new design is so sleek and modern, the pictures truly reflect the high quality of the product, and we can actually boast that most everything we carry in store will be available online! The style and art stays true to the whimsical aesthetic of the store but the new navigation and larger images makes shopping while pretending to be working — all you ladies at your know who you are — a dream come true! Quick and fun!"

Describe your personal style in 7 words or less
"Feminine, Humorously Chameleon-Like, Colorful, and what can i say....I like "jazz" as mentioned above — I just love detail!"


Is this the same aesthetic you maintain in your store?

"Yes! My shop is exactly the same — I try my absolute best to have something for everyone, but it's quite often that regular customers come in and point at a dress and say "that's SO Ashley!" Hopefully they dont think that's such a bad thing...they seem to keep coming back for more."

Who would you most love to dress/ help style?

"Rihanna — I love the direction she is going in now — a softer side is showing, she is growing up, she is becoming more sophisticated and more sensitive to the beauty of romance. I would have a blast styling her because I like where her look is headed, her curves are pyscho-killer — she filmed one of her videos on Rivington, on our block, and dang that girl has got a body! Oh, but if we team up, the first thing we ditch is the red weave!"

Photo: Courtesy of Honey In The Rough

What are 5 of your must-haves this holiday season?
"An exciting scarf for the cold — I love this Tsumori Chisato Fox Scarf. I own it and it's soo soft and I have to say it never ever fails to give someone I cross on the street a laugh!"

"Ivana Helsinki Lilith Dress: This dress is amazing, it's almost like you are a beautifully wrapped gift! So sweet and so flattering, it hugs your curves like a fine glove."
"When hosting, or even attending, holiday parties, it's always a great idea to have or bring scented candles. I'm obsessed with Miller Harris Candles. They are a fragrance line out of London and the candles come in full or mini sizes. A warm, inviting ambiance is everything during the holidays!"
"Nothing says party like the roaring '20s! This Iosselliani Tassle Necklace will add the perfect pop to any outfit!"
"Tsumori Chisato Star New Year's Dress: This has New Year's Eve written all over it. I can't get over how rad it is!"
Photo: Courtesy of Honey In The Rough

What philosophies do you keep in mind when curating your shop?

"The cuts of the dresses are mostly classic shapes (so they're wearable forever), and the details are what make them special...l love texture, print, ruffles, lace, buttons — really, any type of detail which makes the regular classic shape unique!"

How does your neighborhood affect your shop?
"It's a little eccentric and bohemian. I wouldn't want it any other way. It allows for creativity and individuality like no other neighborhood in New York. My shop fits in because i don't sell dresses or jewelry you see coming and going all the time!"

If you were to open a shop in a second location, where would it be?
"I think if I were to open a second shop it would be in L.A.! Strictly for selfish reasons: I'm from New Mexico and it would be closer to home. I really wouldn't complain about that, plus then you really have a pulse on what's going on in terms of fashion and culture on both ends of the country!"


Any other favorite boutiques in NYC that we might not know about? 

"Some Odd Rubies is my favorite shop on the Lower East Side, and then Stuart and Wright for the Brooklyn folk — I live in Fort Greene Brooklyn and I love their preppy yet super chic sensibility! And then, Yoya Mart Kids is the best children's shop In the city. Also, my tailor, The Tailor Room on Clinton, has impeccable tailoring, same-day service available, and service with a sincere smile! All hard to come by in NYC, let alone in one spot!"

If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be? 
"Tsumori Chisato — I do basically wear her every day. If i had a buck for every time i said "its tsumori" i would be a trillionaire!"

Photo: Courtesy of Honey In The Rough