The TomKat Breakup: Petty To Cruise, Profitable To Holmes & Yang

In Tinseltown, nothing's sacred as long as the profane sells covers, and of late, celebrity splits have been major tabloid fodder. There have been baby-daddy drama, extramarital romances, and even strange Red Bull addictions. Nevertheless, there's a clear winner here in TomKat — the shining, cult-status idol atop the mountain of gossip rags that clearly comes in for the win when it comes to celeb relationship woes.
With each cover selling like freshly baked heart breaks hotcakes, and not a penny paid to the participants in question, it's nice to see Katie reaping a little monetary benefit from all the madness: Her unsung fashion label Holmes & Yang has seen a remarkable sales boost at Barneys just two weeks after the divorce broke. The 'no press is bad press' adage definitely applies when you're up for a NYFW gig! (Fashion Telegraph)
Photo: Via Fashion Telegraph

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