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L.A.’s Unsolved Mysteries, Fresh From The Pages Of Tavi’s Rookie Mag

Sure, she's just a teen, but Rookie's Tavi has an encyclopedic knowledge of fashion history that rivals the old guns who've been at it for decades. And much to their chagrin, she has a home in the front row right next to 'em at NYFW! The sixteen-year-old pulls all this off amidst handing in her homework, so it's clear the do-it-all gal rarely gets any downtime!
Well, with a team of clever contributors, Tavi's finally able to ditch her laptop for a vacay (of sorts). She hit the dusty trail for a summer road trip with Ardorous and UO, and her writers have been standing in with a slew of great reads. We're big fans of Rookie blogger Marie Lodi, a self-described National Enquirer entusiast with a slight obsession with the seedy side of Tinseltown. Inspired by her love affair with Hollywood's salaciously glam past, Lodi revisited the spooky tales from our town's heyday that still give her (and us!) the heebie jeebies.

From Jayne Mansfield's devilish ways to Janis Joplin's bizarre twist of fate, this roundup will give any Angeleno goosebumps just thinking about the many mysteries that took place on our everyday stomping grounds!


Photo: Via Rookie