The Modern Travel Uniform Is Surprisingly Chic

Back in the day, any sort of traveling that went further than across Main Street was an occasion. If you were going to be entering a car, train, plane, or ship, you treated it with gravitas. Though elbow-length gloves and bustles might get you stopped in the security line these days, there's a disconcertingly blasé attitude towards travel outfits that we just don't understand. If you're embarrassed to let the delivery man see you in an outfit, why would you wear it to make your grand entrance into a new city? Everyone: Pillows are not accessories.
You're going to be doing a lot of traveling over the next couple of weeks, so to inspire you to get your move on in style, we've found six chic outfits that are also perfect for getting cozy in cramped quarters and rushing through TSA screenings. Memorize the elements these ensembles all have in common, and you've got a formula for your own modern-day travel uniform — one that will get you noticed in the airport for the right reasons.

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