8 Ways To Make Your Travel Layover Luxe

Let's be real: A layover can be a total pain, especially when you're traveling during the holiday season. To kill time, chances are you're either going to overpay for a stack of magazines, dehydrate your skin with a round of drinks, or risk a total meltdown trying to navigate the internet on a slow Wi-Fi network.

Or you can avoid all the usual traps and indulge instead. Thanks to a growing number of airport spas, salons, beauty boutiques, and 24-hour vending machines, you might find yourself enjoying your time trapped inside. There are even a few destinations on our list that feature free yoga and a place to take a much-needed shower. (Red-eye travelers headed straight to Thanksgiving dinner, we're looking at you.)

Ahead, find a list of our favorite beauty spots — at the eight terminals where you'll most likely make a connecting flight. You might even find yourself praying for a delay…

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