Holiday Party Ideas From L.A.'s Best Caterer

Not to get all on you, but who doesn't want to channel their inner domestic goddess around this time of year and host the most elegant—and delish—holiday cocktail party? We certainly do, so we asked our absolute favorite L.A. caterers, On The Lamb, to dish on the best and easiest ways to throw a yummy and no-fuss holiday party that will have all your guests begging you to reveal your secrets. This team of three (including Joy, the baker, Whitney, the sommelier and mixologist, and Rachel, the chef) are not only adorable, but they always serve up the best food, drinks, and atmosphere, so we highly recommend you take a page from their party playbook and give Giada, Ina, and Nigella a run for their money this holiday season.
Four delish tips from the fab event designers On the Lamb Food and Beverage:
1. Welcome Drinks: "At all of our On The Lamb events we always offer a welcome drink. It's great to have something celebratory and refreshing right when your guests walk in the door. Try our fave An Aperol spritz—it's affordable, festive and incredibly easy to construct. Combine Prosecco, Aperol and splash of club soda over ice with an orange slice or without the ice and served in a flute with an orange peel twist."
2. Bubbles: "You can't have a holiday party without a bubbly drink and we recommend you try some locally produced champers that you'll love. Try some truly wonderful "grower champagne" for under $75 and most around $50-$60. These are small production wines made by the people that are growing the grapes. Domaine LA has a stellar selection. Once you go grower, you'll never go back to Yellow Label!"
3. Mixed Nuts: " You have to have some yummy nibbles to snack on. We recommend you try spiced nuts—everyone LOVES them. Go for a combo of sweet and savory with a hit of spices like honey, cumin, cinnamon, and fresh ground chili spice or basic Mediterranean with rosemary and garlic, and honey. You can apply the same flavor combinations to popcorn, which is delish and easy!"
4. Sweet Treats: "We never met a client that didn't love our Peppermint Meringues. They are super easy to whip up with egg whites and a bit of sugar, and taste fancy and festive." Be sure to check the easy-to-follow recipe here.
Check out more great entertaining ideas and recipes at On The Lamb's fantastic site.

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