Lazy-Girl Party Makeup: 7 Foxy Looks

It's the holiday season — and your bank account is seizing. With all of the goodwill and cheer you're spreading, there's very little coinage left for splurging on yourself. Which is fine, except for the fact that your calendar has been booked with holiday parties since Halloween. So, you come to a crossroads: treat yourself to a new cosmetics arsenal and bust your budget, or go to every holiday party with the same, ho-hum makeup look.
Luckily, we just made the choice for you: neither. We're offering seven sultry party looks that you can pull off with just five products. No tortured checking account, and no repeating the same red lip from last year.
Impossible? Not so. We enlisted the help of makeup guru Rommy Najor, and the results are pretty gorgeous — and nothing like the been-there-wore-that looks you typically fall back on. Consider this an early holiday gift from yours truly.