5 Things To Know This A.M. — Oct 27 2011

It's no doubt that our fav supermodel Heidi Klum loves Halloween as much as we do, so we're so psyched to see her costumes this year. Hint: Monkey. (Fashionologie)
No more Silence of the Lambs for Jonathan Demme— the acclaimed filmmaker takes on Occupy Wall Street with his short doc. (Flavor Wire)
Hudson Street is getting a facelift with street artist Faile's new mural. We'll be taking plenty of detours to stare at this rad masterpiece. (Gothamist)
We're super stoked about YSL's warehouse sale, but after hearing about the long wait...Eh, we're still going to go! (Racked)
Lance Bass writes a screenplay about pimps and Kirstie Alley is the star, that makes perfect sense, right?! (NY Mag)

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