5 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Acne

Illustrated by Sarah Quatrano.
Tip #1: Try Double-Masking
Move over, double-cleansing — there's a new guy in town. Double-masking is the new, buzzy technique of applying different masks to different areas of your face. The same acne mask you use on your hormonal chin breakouts might be too harsh for your clear-as-day cheeks.

Tip #2: Become The Expert On Your Skin
Fact of life: Skin happens. That's why we've tapped a handful of industry experts to weigh in on troubleshooting common skin-care issues, like acne and enlarged pores. Looks like you're one step closer to your best face ever.

Tip #3: Stop The (Invisible) Spot
If you spot random zits here and there, you might be experiencing "invisible acne." You see, a pimple's roots go deep, developing underneath your skin for 10 weeks before the spot surfaces. One simple way of nipping acne early on is using a three-step regimen, like Olay Fresh Effects Clear Skin {1-2-3!} Acne Solution System. The trio of salicylic-acid-packed products treats your skin before and during a breakout — perfect for keeping invisible acne invisible.

Tip #4: Pump It Up
Severe acne scars can linger for months. (Thanks, hormones and teenage acne.) But, dealing with scars that won't go away just got a whole lot easier thanks to the FDA's recent approval of the collagen filler, Bellafill. The gel immediately plumps up skin, while boosting collagen production over time — which we don't mind at all.

Tip #5: Treat Your Skin Like The Pros
No routine can guarantee a glowing complexion, but these five aestheticians might be able to help. Say hello to a fresher face come morning.

Seemingly every other day, a new study comes out claiming that a particular super-ingredient is the cure-all to your skin woes or that a new farm-to-vanity regimen is the answer to achieving Photoshop perfection. To cut through the clutter, we’ve teamed up with Olay to bring you Face Forward, our newest column dedicated to delivering what you need to know for your best skin yet — no frills, just the real deal. Read up — perfect skin awaits.

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