Your Most Annoying Beauty Problems — & How To Fix ‘Em For Good

Here's a hard fact of life that nobody at a beauty counter is ever going to tell you about: Some skin issues just happen, regardless of how diligently you cleanse, tone, serum, and moisturize. There are factors beyond our control (thanks, genetics!) or, perhaps, beyond our scope of knowledge, that can cause difficult-to-treat things like melasma and cystic acne.
Here's the good news: Even though we can't prevent the natural from occurring, we can treat it. Your remedy could be as simple as regular facials and a stricter at-home regimen, or it could get slightly more, well, involved.
Ahead, we outlined some of these serious skin-care issues, and then talked to an aesthetician (Kerry Benjamin), a dermatologist (Sejal Shah, MD), and a plastic surgeon (Chia Chi Kao, MD) to find out their recommended solutions.
Before we get started, though, let's just get one thing straight: Nobody is saying things have to be "solved," necessarily — what you choose to do to your face is entirely up to you. But, assuming you're searching for a fix, we hope you find this information helpful.

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