Double-Masking Is The New Double-Cleansing

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Many women still put masks in the "pampering" category of skin care, along with bubble baths and scented oils. But, they're actually a cornerstone of a healthy skin routine. "Masks are like giving a meal directly to your skin," says Boldijarre Koronczay, the president and founder of Éminence Organics. "Instead of putting the nutrition through your mouth, you put it onto the skin directly. You're putting it right where it matters." This is especially if you use two at the same time — a term Koronczay calls double-masking. That's right, folks. Double-masking is the latest buzzword. Double-masking refers to two different types of techniques. The first means using two or more masks simultaneously — different ones for different zones of your face, depending on what your needs are. "Different parts of your face require different types of nutrition," Koronczay says. "It's a common mistake for people to use the same mask in the same place. But, if your T-zone is oily and your neck and eyes are dry, you're going to dry out those parts of your face even more if you use an acne-formulated mask." 
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It makes perfect sense. More than a few of us have slathered on a mask to zap our chin zits, and wound up with a flaky forehead. That's why Koronczay and his team created the Balancing Masque Duo. Its charcoal T-zone purifier is meant to detoxify your acne- and inflammation-prone areas, and should only be applied to that area. Its pomelo cheek treatment is for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. But, you can use it on more than your cheeks: It works great anywhere you need a little extra moisture. Éminence's package delivers this to you in a foolproof format, but you can do this with any mask you have in your bathroom. Just make sure the masks don't overlap — keep 'em separated on your face. Double-masking can also mean mask-layering, something Glossier's latest round of products excels at. Its Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and Moisturizing Moon Mask are meant to be used in tandem — first the Galaxy Pack, followed by a rinse and an application of the Moon Mask. The first conditions pores and quells inflammation, while the chaser adds moisture. You can use them separately — but Glossier claims that they work twice as well when used together. Koronczay says this is also a good way to ensure your skin is getting the proper nutrients. "The more variety you give your skin, the more you feed it," he says. Why use this technique over zoning? Sometimes, our whole faces need a detox and a shot of moisture. On those days when your skin is going through hell, it offers a hard-hitting treatment followed by a cool-down.
Photo: Courtesy of Glossier.
Mask-layering is also a good idea if your first mask has left you particularly red or flushed. Following it with a cooling mask will help bring your skin back to square one quicker. When you're doing this type of cocktailing, pay close attention to ingredients. "You don't want to use contradicting ingredients, or layer masks with contradicting uses," Koronczay says. "Don't use one mask for acne, and then another mask that's super-rich and greasy for anti-aging, because you will negate the original mask." When in doubt, follow a harsh formula with a lightweight, moisturizing one. To get yourself into the habit, start by double-masking once a week, working your way up to every other day. "Your skin is the last organ to receive nutrients that you eat, but it takes the most beating," Koronczay says. "It's important to ensure those nutrients are getting to your skin, and masking is a great way to do that." You already (try to) eat healthy, so why not mask healthy?

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