How To Give Yourself A Spa-Worthy DIY Facial

I can faithfully say I only expected to fall in love in one way while lying flat on my back. But, then I was invited to a bed so coveted and chic, a bed that has housed countless A-list derrières, with sheets full of red carpet secrets, that I couldn't help myself: I had fallen again. This time, for a woman. (Can you read this, Dad? Are you happy now?)
I was experiencing the Triple Crown Facial, a legendary red carpet treatment by the equally legendary Joanna Vargas. Joanna, if you haven't seen her name a dozen times before on Refinery29, is something of a star aesthetician. She had, graciously, invited me to experience her signature facial, which costs about $400 for an hour. In the middle of the service, she had me hold up a mirror above my face, as a delightful little suction wand pulled at my visage, "promoting lymphatic drainage." She had just finished the left side, where I could suddenly see a more pronounced jawline, a more contoured cheek, and a slightly lifted eye area. I was, essentially, half Kim Kardashian post-makeup application, half myself (a.k.a. bloated from Chinese food the night before).
I have rarely gone more than a few months without Joanna's magic hands and wisdom. But, I've also had to enlist her help (via text) in the case of emergency pimples, reviving a sallow face for a first date, and even a dreaded bout of psoriasis. So, we decided to invite her to good ol' R29 HQ to work her ultimate magic on a lucky model — and give us some tips on how to use her methods to get glowing on our own, at home. Prepare your Sunday accordingly: This treatment is...involved. Plan a half hour with your bestie, your S.O., or just your good ol' self, and get ready to reveal fresher, brighter skin.

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