7 Healthy Road Trip Snacks You Can Get At A Rest Stop

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
I have a theory that you can tell how good a road trip was based on the number of snacks you have to clean up when you finally get to your destination. Of course, traveling is fun and especially when you're with friends. But the snacks! The snacks make the journey so much better. Sometimes you end up at a lit rest stop with tons of gourmet health food options, and other times you have to make it work with whatever the gas station or convenience store has to offer.
So, what makes a great, healthy snack? It's best to try and find foods with a combination of carbs, protein, and fat, says Kathleen Meehan, MS, RD, LDN, an anti-diet registered dietitian in Houston. If you can, prioritize whole foods over processed ones, and get lots of options. "It's typical to get hungry every three to four hours, so it's important to have multiple snacks or plans for a meal if you are in for a long trip," Meehan says.
If you're traveling this weekend, ahead are the healthy snacks that Meehan suggests grabbing the next time you're at a rest stop or gas station.

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