16 Store-Bought Eats For When It's Too Hot To Even Assemble A No-Cook Meal

There are the days when it's too hot to cook. Then there are the days when it's too hot to even attempt assembling a no-cook meal. And that leaves us with pretty limited eating options on the summer food front. Sure, takeout and dining out are always tempting fallbacks during the warmer months, but these alternatives are not entirely budget (or pack-up-and-go) friendly. So instead we turn to pre-made summer food staples that at the very least just need to be opened and the most require a quick spin in the microwave.
We've already talked about no-cook lunches, dinners, and shopping lists. So, now, we're going to take things a step further into the land of no cooking effort, whatsoever. And lucky for us, plenty of big name grocery stores offer up a smorgasbord of seasonal goods that come ready for instant unwrapping and noshing. Or, options that are just a microwave button away. All you have to manage is swinging by the nearest location (preferably at a cooler point in the day) and stocking up.
We rounded up 16 of our favorite summer store-bought eats, ahead. Scroll on for plenty of burritos, salads, slaws, grain bowls, mixed fruit cups, and more to be enjoyed hot or cold (your choice).

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