The Ultimate Grocery List For All Your No-Cook Summer Meals

Photographed By Davide Luciano.
Today marks the first official day of summer — also known as the first official day of sweat season. And for those of you out there trying to stay dry while commuting from and living in quite possibly non-air conditioned city apartments, it can be a hot — pun intended — mess. Because of this recurring seasonal situation, we've been experimenting with ways to cut down on kitchen, and more importantly cooking, time. Why expend the extra energy turning on your oven or stove when you can assemble fresh, tasty, and easy meals with no heat required instead?
We've already spent a week trying out no-cook lunches and another week with no-cook dinners to prove it's possible. And now we're bringing you our condensed no-cook shopping list, so you can take meal matters into your own hands and get creative! Let the following 21 grocery products, from refrigerated goods to pantry staples, be the stepping stones towards your easy, breezy, cool, and cook-free summer (recipe suggestions included).

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