The Best Brain-Boosting Foods In NYC

Do you sometimes sit through an important meeting, only to blank on everything that was discussed as soon as it's over? Have trouble remembering which Kardashian is which? Or — even worse — have you already forgotten what your mom just told you to do? (Was it load the dishwasher, or call your grandparents? Might as well do both, just to be sure.)
That brain of yours. Every day, you rack it, pressure it, and let other people pick it. But, there's one thing you may not do: feed it properly. The truth is, despite being told we should eat more broccoli to help mental function, we rarely give much thought to the nutrients our brains require to function at their best.
That's why, in prime resolution-making season, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet for where to find all the brain-boosting, feel-good, enhancing supplements you’ll need to hit 2015 with a bang in New York City. Each superfood and vitamin delivers an immediate benefit (improved memory, sharpened concentration, wittier one-liners), to give you just the edge you need to take over the world.