Instead of Takeout, Try These Healthy Lunch Recipes

Photo: Ellen Silverman. Courtesy of Harper Wave Publishing, from Eat Complete: The 21 Nutrients That
If you frequently order takeout for lunch and eat it at your work desk during the week, why not try prepping a hearty and healthy lunch at home over the weekend and bringing that to work instead? It may feel as though you don’t have enough time to plan and prep your meals over precious and short weekends, but you’ll save yourself valuable time and money in the long run. You’ll also nourish your brain and body with plenty of nutrient-dense treats.
And if you think a homemade lunch can’t be as tasty as the offerings at your standby salad place or local deli, think again! From a rocket pie recipe that’ll rival your favorite pizza slice to a quinoa and mushroom frittata filled with fragrant and healthy herbs or a berry salad that you can easily top with chicken or shrimp, the lunch recipes we’re sharing here will leave your stomachs satisfied and your wallets stuffed.
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