12 Moms On The Conversations They Wish They Had Before Becoming Parents

Nine months seem like a long time, but once you or your partner actually gets pregnant (if that's your plan), you may find yourself rushing to cover all your bases before your infant arrives. And no matter how much time you have to prepare for a child, there's no way to know exactly what it will be like when the day finally comes. So it's only natural to have a few should-haves.
A recent discussion thread on Reddit posed a question on this very topic to current moms: "What do you wish you'd discussed with your spouse/co-parent/babydaddy before making a baby together?" If you thought pre-baby prep would be a snap, the wide range of responses will certainly be educational.
Of course, no mere mortal can be 100% prepared for parenthood before they're in the thick of it. But, for all the parents-to-be out there, we've rounded up some helpful responses from this discussion thread to give you a better idea of what to look out for.
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