Say What: Does This One Direction Member Have The Moves Like Jagger?

Excuse us for being slightly tardy to the party on this one, but we’re all abuzz after learning that Richard Branson’s production company is releasing a flick about the rock relationship of the century. Exile On Main Street will highlight the tumultuous times that transpired between music legends Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. We’re jumping out of our chairs just thinking about catching the Jagger-Richards feud from start to finish — and are eagerly anticipating the release date. We caught wind of the news when it was recently announced that One Direction’s Harry Styles is up for the role of Jagger.
Sure, the British boy band is blowing up the charts right now, and Styles actually kinda-sorta resembles Mick, but is he the next Jagger? We’re not entirely sold (after all, those are mighty big shoes to fill). We personally think none other than Andrew Garfield could do the role justice. But, hey that’s just us. What about Keith? Obviously, Johnny Depp would play an older version, but who could rep the guitarist's wild and wacky ways as a young'un? Emile Hirsch? Jamie Bell? We could go on for days. Do tell us who you’d like to see on screen, in the comments below. (Oh No They Didn't)
Photo: Via Oh No They Didn't

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