The Final Words Of Harry Potter Characters Are So Heartbreaking

Photo: Warner Bros.
The Harry Potter series is filled with adventure, friendship, and magic. However, as anyone who has explored the wizarding world via book or film knows, it's also filled with heartbreak. The series itself has killed more characters than there are Harry Potter books.
Of course, there are some Harry Potter characters we won't mourn. The franchise has killed off plenty of villains, from Voldemort's henchmen to He Who Shall Not Be Named himself. However, for each bad guy or gal that bit the dust, another beloved character (or pet owl) had to go.
One way to honor these characters? By remembering their final words. Mashable writer Sam Haysom scoured the books to find the last words of the many Harry Potter characters we said goodbye to. Some are poignant — others, totally trivial. Then there is Dobby's gutting two words: Harry... Potter...

Excuse me while I go cry over those last words — and many others found within the pages of J.K. Rowling's novels.

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