Where To Work Out In The Hamptons When You Finish Your Wölffer

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
From the Fourth of July through Labor Day, Manhattan streets empty out as city dwellers make their weekend pilgrimage to Long Island’s South Fork, aka the Hamptons. Aside from the ritzy residences and many, many Maseratis, these seaside communities tend to offer something for everyone, from the billionaire to the twenty-something bro.
Between the restaurants and shopping, some parts of the Hamptons can feel like a mini-Manhattan and many fitness studios have taken note, establishing pop-ups and permanent locations in nearly every town, from Westhampton all the way down to Montauk. Some cult workouts (ahem, SoulCycle) have multiple Hamptons locations — and still the classes fill up just as fast as a 6:30 p.m. in Flatiron — while others are town staples that have been around before ClassPass was even a thing.
So, whether you want to stick to your weekly routine or try something new, we found fantastic workouts in every neighborhood that'll help you stay fit without skipping a beat. Ahead, 20+ fitness favorites that keep New Yorkers active all summer long.
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Barry's Bootcamp

Barry's Bootcamp
199 Main Street - barrysbootcamp.com
One of New York City's hardest full-body workouts has three locations in the Hamptons this summer for those who really don't like to slack off, even on vacation. Classes are $40, so while your wallet won't thank you, your muscles will.

Mandala Yoga
156 Main Street - mandalayoga.com
From Vinyasa Flow to Kundalini, this Hamptons staple has a full spectrum of yoga classes for all levels (children, too!). Besides classes, Mandala puts out a variety of special workshops such as The Friday Special series which anyone can partake. Drop in for a single class or purchase one of their class cards and membership packages at reasonable rates.
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Photo: Jamie Baird, Taryn Toomey Bridgehampton

2415 Main Street - exhalespa.com
Though Exhale's Hamptons location only offers their signature barre program, the class mixes it up enough with core-centric movies and ballet-inspired lower-body exercises to keep your muscles guessing for an hour. Classes are $40 and bring your own grippy socks because those are extra! They've also partnered with Paddle Diva for two stand up paddle boarding class that you can sign up for here.

Gotham Gym
2405 Montauk Highway - gothamgymnyc.com
It's harder to reserve a spot at this high-energy, NYC-based boxing gym now that it's getting rave reviews on ClassPass! Gotham G-Box classes will have you sparring with a partner in an actual boxing ring, unlike many of the trendy boxing studios in the city these days. Classes are $36 and they are bookable through ClassPass or the MindBody app.

Hamptons Hot Yoga
2415 Montauk Highway - hamptonshotyoga.com
Summer 2018 not hot enough for you? Grab a yoga mat and an extra large water bottle and head to this Bridgehampton village-based studio for bikram, hot vinyasa, and hot HIIT classes offered every day. Classes are $30 each with discounted rates for special packages. Note this doesn't include mats, water, or towels so bring your own.

SoulCycle - Barn
264 Butter Lane - soul-cycle.com
"The Barn" is pretty much become a household name to Hamptonites. Besides being SoulCycle's largest Hamptons studio (of four), this space also houses a Juice Press, The Class By Taryn Toomey (see below), Physique 57, and SoulAnnex, SoulCycle's incubator space for off-the-bike fitness. Class prices vary and you're sure to bump into someone you know.

The Class By Taryn Toomey
264 Butter Lane - taryntoomey.com
Stressed out New Yorkers in need of a sweaty therapy session should try this yoga meets cardio/HIIT class that's been known to reap cathartic benefits that bring cult-followers like Naomi Watts to tears. Whether you're going for the emotional release, celebrity sighting, or to sweat it out in a gorgeous, whitewashed barn, at $42/class you're probably getting something out of it.
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East Hampton

AKT in Motion
3 Railroad Avenue - aktinmotion.com
Anna Kaiser's experience as a dancer, choreographer, and fitness authority is evident in her unique cross-training workouts that incorporate HIIT, dance cardio, yoga, circuit training and so much more into in one hour classes. From 4Play, a HIIT bootcamp, to S&M (Sweat and Mirrors), a dance-based interval workout, prepare to leave drenched in sweat. Each class is $40 and full descriptions can be found on their website.

B Yoga
35 Main Street - byogahive.com
Though their primary studio is in Montauk, BYoga's summer pop-up offers two morning yoga classes for yogis are little further west. Located in LOFT35, a hybrid event and workspace above Lululemon in the East Hampton town, you'll be very tempted to shop post-workout. Each class is $30 and mats are included.

East End Row
33 Hill Street - eastendrow.com
This NYC-based studio has two locations in the Hamptons for those looking to switch up their routine with one of the more underrated machines at the gym: the rower. Try Row 50, a fifty-minute workout that alternates between rowing, strength, and high intensity exercises for a full-body workout that's as hard as you make it. Newbies get a discounted rate of $20 for their first session, otherwise it's $35/class.

65 Montauk Highway, Suite C - flywheelsports.com
If the SoulCycle scene isn't for you, stadium-style seating and a performance-based metrics system make this the perfect class for more competitive cyclers. At $40/class, the price is slightly higher than Manhattan so take advantage of the free water bottles and fruit.

Paddle Diva
219 Three Mile Harbor Hog Creek Road - paddlediva.com
Balancing on a standup paddle board demands engagement from nearly every muscle in your body but add full-body exercises and "paddle sprints" to the mix and you can expect one of the most challenging workouts on water (or land!). Paddle Diva's SUP HIIT classes will have you doing just that on a pristine gem of a bay. The $65 price tag is definitely steep, but you're paying for the experience — and sometimes the classes are on ClassPass!

460 Pantigo Road - sltnyc.com
Strengthen, lengthen, tone is the name of the game in this core-shaking workout that owner Amanda Freeman proudly describes as "Pilates on crack." At SLT you'll train on a Megareformer, a machine that uses weighted springs and a pulley system to create resistance while you burpee, squat, plank, and pulse at a fairly fast pass. Admittedly, one of my favorite workouts and at $40/class ($20 for newbies), a really expensive habit.

SoulCycle East Hampton
68 Newton Lane - soul-cycle.com
It's SoulCycle: if you know you know. And if you, don't see the previous slide.

Tracy Anderson Studio (pictured)
30 Park Place - tracyanderson.com
The Tracy Anderson "Method," made famous by celebrity clients like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, is just one of the classes (it’s called AtTain Definition) offered at this brand-new Hamptons studio this summer (the other is in Water Mill). People really swear by the 50-minute workouts—and are willing to pay $45 for them.

Truth Training
5 Railroad Avenue - truthtraining.com
Choose from five different strength, cardio, and conditioning workouts in a high-energy group atmosphere or hire a private trainer to get fit at this Hamptons-only studio. Prices vary.
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B Yoga
83 S. Elmwood Avenue Suite 1B - byogahive.com
"B" as in bumble bee, B Yoga was built in 2017 with community (aka a beehive) in mind. Their tagline, "damn good yoga' is an apt description of this soulful studio which offers Vinyasa-based classes seven days a week at $30 each, less if you get a package.

Gurneys's Montauk Resort & Yacht Club
290 Old Montauk Highway - gurneysresorts.com/montauk
For the fifth consecutive year, Gurney’s has teamed up with Wellth Collective to host a series of mostly-outdoor fitness classes on weekends. It’s a great opportunity to sweat with famous trainers (Holly Rilinger is one) and take those popular classes you’ve been meaning to try, such as ModelFit and Y7. Classes are $35 and can be booked via the splash page. Be sure to stick around afterwards for special pop-up treatments in their spa.

New York Pilates
649 Montauk Highway - newyorkpilates.com
New York Pilates is back in Montauk for it's second summer, bringing it's cool, contemporary vibes to the surf town. With three classes offered (Abs Arms Ass, Burnout, and Sculpt + Restore — they are exactly as they sound), a downstairs fashion boutique, and a minimalist, zen-like studio, NYP is a dream for Pilates lovers. It's $45 per class, all in the name of getting that 'gram.

P.volve x The Surf Lodge Sanctuary
183 Edgemere Street - pvolve.com 
Surf Lodge may be the busiest Montauk spot in the late afternoons and evenings, but mornings there are sacred. At 8 or 9 a.m. every day in July, you can take P.volve’s low-impact sculpting workout on a beautiful deck with lake views.

SoulCycle Montauk
15 S. Edgemere Street - soul-cycle.com
With an influx of young tourists and high-end businesses, Montauk has undergone a dramatic transformation in the past few years; it was only natural that SoulCycle would follow suit, staking their flag on "The End" of Long Island. At least share-house holders were happy about it. Join the cardio party at $42 per class.

Xtend Barre at Solé East Resort
90 2nd House Road - xtendbarre.com
Every Saturday morning through Labor Day you can head to Hamptons hotspot Solé East Resort for Xtend’s HIIT class or their signature full-body barre workout — both very challenging. Classes, presented by Health-Ade Kombucha, are $34 drop, but you may also be able to snag a spot via ClassPass.
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25 Jobs Lane - bandier.com/studio-b
STUDIO B, BANDIER’s fitness concept, is hosting a pop-up on select weekends at the Southampton Arts Center featuring workouts with some of Manhattan’s buzziest fitness instructors, including Amanda Kloots and Akin Akman of Akin’s Army. Class prices vary but are usually $34 and come with a free post-workout healthy brunch for class-goers. Makes it all worth it!

Barrys Bootcamp
10 Montauk Highway - barrysbootcamp.com
A staple in the Hamptons fitness scene, Barry's Bootcamp classes tend to attract a super-fit crowd — but it doesn't have to be that way. Contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to be "in shape" or a runner to get a good workout there: Go at your own pace and listen to the instructor and you're in for a truly exhilarating hour. Unless you're hungover. Don't go there hungover, especially at $40/class.

East End Row
33 Hill Street - eastendrow.com
Using a rowing machine can feel pretty tedious but East End Row's Row 50 workout breaks the time into high intensity intervals, abdominal work, strength exercises, and timed "races" so fifty minutes fly by in no time. Easily modifiable, this workout is only as intense as you make it. First-timers get a discounted session of $20; repeat customers have to pay $35.

16 Hill Street #2- sltnyc.com
SLT’s tagline “better sore than sorry” rings true every time you finish one of their 50-minute muscle-quivering sessions. This Pilates-based workout uses a Megareformer to stabilize your core while strengthening, toning, and elongating muscles. I swear I’ve grown an inch taller since this became my go-to studio! Prepare to work very hard in this $40 class.

5 Windmill Lane - trufusion.com
This nationwide fitness franchise offers a variety of classes (barefoot bootcamp, hot pilates, and yoga, to name a few), and a fairly reasonable membership rate that's ideal for Southampton residents who want to mix up their workouts without traveling very far. Each class is $30 or you can get a 10-pack at $269.
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Water Mill

Five Pillars Yoga
Box 642, 720A Montauk Highway - fivepillarsyoga.com
With a myriad of yoga classes offered every day, Five Pillars is a haven for yogis who want to stay zen on and off the mat. The studio is bright, instructors are attentive, and their ongoing workouts can deepen your practice and hone your skills even more. Classes are $33 but there are special discounts for first-timers and packages.

SoulCycle Water Mill
760 Montauk Highway - soul-cycle.com
The indoor cycling workout that's taken the world by storm is a major fixture in the Hamptons workout scene. Of SoulCycle's four Hamptons locations, this one is the furthest west, making it a fixture in the Southampton and Water Mill workout scenes. You're bound to run into someone you know, even at At $42/class.

Tracy Anderson
903 Montauk Highway - tracyanderson.com
Like the East Hampton location, this studio offers several definition and cardio workouts taught by Tracy Anderson trainers and, occasionally and only for "master class" sessions, the fitness guru herself! Classes are $45 each and you might just spot a celebrity.

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