Try East Hampton’s 1770 House For A Last-Minute MLK Weekend Getaway

Surprise! The MLK long weekend is right around the corner (like, starting in a few hours). If you've got that cherished three-day weekend and no plans to fill it, we recommend popping out of the city, taking the two-hour drive to East Hampton, and shaking off all that city stress and BS that's really been harshing your zen lately.
The Hamptons might be a crowded place during the summer, but we recommend a stay over the winter months for a truly different (and frankly, more affordable) experience. And if you're going to do it, we recommend laying your head at 1770 House, which is part of the hotel collection by Mr & Mrs Smith. Though not actually built in 1770 (it's actually much older — dating back to 1663, in fact!), the house officially became an inn in that year. Ever since, they've been hosting and pampering guests like the grandma you always wish you'd had (or perhaps did have).
With only six rooms and one carriage house, it's an inntimate experience that's worth indulging in once. Click through our slideshow for a deeper look into the idyllic inn, restaurant, and tavern (that both Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy brothers used to frequent, perhaps even at the same time)… and then click here to take advantage of their special winter rates.
1770 House, 143 Main Street (at Dayton Lane), East Hampton, NY 11937; (631) 324-1770