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The Wildest Halloween YouTube Makeup Tutorials

At this point, we've already shown you lots of Halloween how-tos: the truly epic, the lazy-girl, the affordable, and the last-minute. By now, we suspect you've got enough ideas. So, now that All Hallows' Eve has finally arrived, we thought we'd provide you with pure for-your-viewing pleasure: YouTube Halloween tutorials.
Click through to see our favorite gurus transform into everyone from Effie Trinket to Maleficent, and then let us know if we missed any of your favorites in the comments section.

Effie Trinket
Kandee Johnson is just about the craftiest guru in the game, which makes her the perfect candidate to demonstrate a step-by-step recreation of The Hunger Games' Effie Trinket's McQueen-esque ensemble. Watch and learn how she achieves a solid white canvas, contours with yellow eyeshadow, and chops up tiny (fake!) butterflies to use as face appliqués. To get her incredible butterfly crown, stick a few onto your wig.


Even before Angelina Jolie starred in Maleficent, we were jealous of her bone structure. But, when you throw on the prosthetic cheekbones, arched brows, and bold, defined lips that embody the titular character, it only makes evil look good — damn good. Nicola Chapman brings the film to life without using tricky facial prosthetics, schooling us on the art of the super severe contour. Her makeshift horns add to the fun.

Gamora In Guardians of the Galaxy, Zoe Saldana made green look hot — a feat we once thought was impossible. And, as one of our favorite new YouTubers, Shameless Maya, demonstrates, it's not too hard to get Gamora's look. She effortlessly blends the green into her skin, and then shows us how to contour to match Saldana's chiseled features using an emerald eyeshadow. It sounds a bit gross, but turns out all sorts of awesome.
Zombie Barbie Barbie is quite possibly the most contrived of all Halloween costumes, especially considering that she's the physical embodiment of impossible beauty standards. That's why Michelle Phan's Zombie Barbie tutorial is so genius: At first, it fulfills your secret, guilty-pleasure inner desire for life in plastic, and then it completely upends it by, well, killing it and bringing it back to life. Bloody Barbie will surely be the most hilarious costume of the evening — just steer clear of the kiddies.
Mystique Promise Phan is pretty much the queen of YouTube transformations, which makes her take on the mutant, shapeshifting Mystique all-the-more enjoyable. Watch as she takes latex to the next level — using it to recreate the scales — and then covers herself in cobalt blue. She certainly did J Lawr proud.

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