Hailee Steinfeld And Chloe Moretz Tear Up On The Cover Of LOVE

Not too long ago, we asked you what you thought of Hailee Steinfeld's grown-up look for Miu Miu. While we thought she looked like an elegant young lady far older than her 14 years, a few of you understandably said that she looked like a kid playing dress-up. Well, Steinfeld is back, along with Chloë Moretz in two stunning new covers for LOVE magazine, which blurs the lines between young girls and sophisticated starlets. Both covers feature the girls dressed in white, Victorian-esque clothes with a single tear dripping down their cheeks, as well as soft, muted colors with pops of reddish-pink. While their powerful stares and high-fashion outfits give them an older air, their porcelain skin also makes them look like dolls, reinforcing their young ages. How do you feel about these covers—do they look like mature young models, or is the Lolita-vibe giving you the creeps? (TheCut)