Gym-Bag Beauty Essentials From Our Favorite Fitness Pros

Dragging ourselves out of bed in the early mornings and making it to one of the trendiest fitness classes is, to put it lightly, a chore. While we're still rubbing sleep from our eyes, our instructor is busy encouraging us into downward dogs, lunges, crunches, or stretches. Sure, it's her job to be peppy and motivating, and that's why we're there. But, haven't you ever wondered how she looks so damn good doing it?
Instead of chalking it up to the "lifestyle" of a fitness guru, we thought we'd ask some of the industry's current darlings for their pre- and post-exercise beauty essentials. Here, you'll find all sorts of tips on topics like facial cleansing, green juices, and tinted moisturizer — as well as a few great products that are bound to give you a fresh-from-the-gym glow.
Oh, and in case you're wondering, they also have a few ideas for what to do with that post-workout hair. Read on to find out more!

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